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We are a 100% subsidiary of FruitBox Africa GmbH (, a German investment company focused on sustainable investments in Africa. VegBox is situated in the Wolayta zone in Ethiopia, 35km southwest of the city of Wolayta, Soddo. We are currently developing a 300ha farm for fresh fruit and vegetables. We started this project in December 2015 and the first plantation took place in March 2016.  Our first harvest was in August 2016.


We have recently started production on 30ha of drip irrigated land that enhances our existing 30ha under traditional irrigation. Further to a wide range of vegetables (tomato, broccoli, cauliflower, chili, onion, okra, etc.) we have 10ha of papaya under fruit and started planting mango.

Lutz Hartmann
Founder and General Manager

Lutz is one of the founders of FruitBox Africa. He is both a German and French qualified lawyer with extensive experience in investments in Africa. Lutz is a member of the Board of the German African Business Association and a frequent speaker at investment and impact conferences.

Gezahegn Gamo
Deputy General Manager
Samuel Mekonnen
Sales Manager

Gezahegn Gamo is member of the Management team our company and Head of Finance and Administration.  He is graduated from Hawassa University in Accounting and Finance (M.Sc.) and has extensive work experience in the field of Financial Management. Gezahegn is a member of the Accounting Association of Ethiopia and licensed as authorized Chief Financial Officer in Ethiopia.

Samuel is Sales Manager for Addis Ababa and export and member of the Management Team. 

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